Frozen Depths

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The colors and the font size of this Windows console has been edited to make the game look better. The shortcut included with the Windows version of the game has these settings, you only need to point it to the game's .exe file and its working directory.

The player ('@') has retreated into an empty room using the fast fighting style while a frost crab ('c') is rending bleeding wounds on the would-be hero. He walked there through sticky slush (','), which has slowed him down, and he's been in the dungeon long enough to be at 'Cool' temperature. Earlier he found a scroll pedestal ('?') and a deceased delver ('|') in the dungeon. Screenshot 1

The player has just landed the killing blow on a horror spider, which has splattered in a bloody mess everywhere around the hero. This time he is exploring an ice covered, corridor heavy floor, though he has already found the stairs down ('>'). Screenshot 2

The player has found a spirit veil and is looking behind it. Unfortunately not all spirits are friendly: this time the spirits have drained charges out of a wand the hero is carrying. Earlier he found a bloody weapon stand ('+') and a mask (';') that he didn't dare pick up. There's also a copper ingot ('{') that he didn't pick up on the ground. Screenshot 3